Rusty Knight: Tournament

Project Description:

Rusty Knight: Tournament is a plattformer with 8 different minigames that has been created for the movie release.

Rusty Knight thinks he is the bravest and strongest knight in the whole of Scrapland. But he’s wrong about that. Completely wrong! He will need your help on his exciting adventure to find Lady Bo!
Prince Novel has made it his mission to conquer Lady Bo’s heart and has invited her to his castle. But he hasn’t reckoned with Rusty. To find Bo and bring her back, Rusty is up to any adventure! Support him on his mission!
Funny fellows like Berta the cow give you important hints, but only if you’re able to serve her enough toast sprinkled with oil. Even the alarm clock wants to tell us something: Bring him three wrenches so that he can tighten up his own screws first. Are you prepared? Then let’s go!


– Seven games with increasing level of difficulty and one bonus game
– For children aged 5 and up
– No reading skills required
– Lovingly created graphics with an attention to detail

Project Data

  • Genre: Plattformer with Minigames
  • Plattform: PC & iPad
  • Engine: Unityh Engine

Work Included:

  • Level Design , Balance & Finetuning for the PC- and iOS-Version
  • Lead Game Designer Role for the iOS-Version
  • Redesigning interface and control-input for Touch-Controls
  • Redesigning/Rebalancing 2 Minigames for iOS