Evil Genius 2

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Project Description: Evil Genius 2 is a Base Building Management game build in the Asura Engine.

Project Data

  • Genre: Base Building Management Game
  • Plattform: PC, (XBOX One,Series X, PS4 , PS5 in Q4 2021)
  • Engine: Asura Engine
  • Status: Released in 2021
  • Sold over 200k Copies within the first week

Work Included:

  • Review and Polish of Core Gameplay Loop
  • Economy & Campaign Balance including Data Setup/Management
  • In charge of new Features, Lairs and Content from concept to playtesting/bugfixing
  • Coordinating Feature Teams as Feature Owner, including Coders, Artists and more
  • Concept and Data Setup for DLCs

Feature Trailer & Alpha Footage:



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Evil Genius 2: World Domination
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