Unannounced Project: Project Escape

Project Description:

Unreleased project still under NDA. Displayed work has been approved for release.

Project Data

  • Genre: AA 1st Person Puzzle Adventure
  • Plattform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Status: Unreleased

Work Included:

  • Market Research and Overhauling the features & Pitch
  • Brainstorming & Concepting Core Gameplay and USPs to attract investors
  • Designed a unique system for randomly generating Puzzles per level
  • Designing a new Prototype, with new Controls, Perspective and Actions
  • Designed 6 Levels with 3 Puzzles each
  • Designed a new Data-Workflow and technical Pipelines to relief other departments
  • Level-Design in 3D via Sketchup
  • Technical Level Design within Unity
  • Write several stories and storyboarding the first few minutes
  • Create a storyboard and writing the text for the Preview-Trailer (See Below)

Feature Trailer: