R.A.I.D – Robots and Incredible Dungeons

Project Description:

Raid is a unique game in which players can Raid dungeons of other players in real time with their character, that moves, jumps, falls and fights in melee on its own. Players can find and upgrade Gadgets that improve their Character allow them to use powerfull abilities against a dungeon`s defenses like an action rpg.

The player has their own base to manage and to unlock and upgrade their own defenders, the Mean Machines, to protect their loot.

Nominated for “best mobile/tablets game” and “Best social game” at Game Connection America 2018 Development Awards.

Project Data

  • Genre: F2P Action RPG
  • Plattform: IOS & Android
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Status: Unreleased

Work Included:

  • Market Research, Creating the Idea for the game and creating Pitches
  • Brainstormings and Concepts from day 1
  • System & Combat Design
  • Creating the Data Workflow and Level Design
  • World Design, Character Design & Story Writing
  • Balance & Finetuning

Teaser Trailer: