Emergency HQ

Project Description:

Emergency HQ is the first Free-to-play game from the unique Emergency series.

For the first time, the player not only commands units from the Fire Department, Rescue Service, Police Department and Technical Specialists to play through catastrophies and save lives, but they are also responsible for building and managing a base including unlocking and upgrading new units.

The game features a graphically stunning and detailed maps of small villages over forest, harbors and highway areas up to big city centers.

* Varied and challenging missions on detailed maps
* Specialized mission vehicles from all emergency services
* Upgrades for buildings and units
* Put your skills as a commander to the test against other players in the league
* Join forces with other players and establish a Rescue Alliance

Project Data

Work Included:

  • Market Research and creating the Game Concept
  • Brainstorming and Pitching from Day 1
  • Lead Game Designer, working with 1-2 other designers
  • Concept and System Design
  • Monetization & Economy Design
  • Designing all Content, Tools and a Scripting System, including 10 Giant Maps and over 800 Missions with an infite scaling system
  • Designing the Data-Workflow and Testing Tools, allowing the testing of hundreds of Missions in a short time
  • Sketching and Technical Level Design for all Maps
  • Designing the Backoffice system, allowing adding new Missions and adjusting values during runtime
  • Balance & Finetuning all Units, Buildings, Maps and Missions until ready for launch

Feature Trailer: