Emergency 2014

Project Description:

Emergency 2014 is the second expansion for the game Emergency 2012 featuring the story about the Asteroid Caligula threatening the earth, featuring 4 more Missions and 1 additional meteorite-themed freeplay-map.

It is 1890. The Asteroid Caligula passes the Earth’s orbit, coming so close to the planet that fragments breaking off it (meteorites) impact the Earth. A farmstead is struck and destroyed by a meteorite in the Rhine province of the German Empire. The conflagration threatens to spread to nearby towns. In this unique historical mission, the player takes charge of historical units (a pumper and firefighters) to get the situation back under control.

About 100 years later, Caligla is approaching the Earth again. Only this time, it is on a direct collision course with our blue planet. Once again, it’s coming is heralded by meteorite impacts. The player and his forces and vehicles attempts to contain the local disasters and protect the civilians at three different locations, including the city of Pisa, in which the famous leaning tower is destroyed in a spectacular meteorite strike.

Project Data

Work Included:

  • Mission Design
  • Visual and Technical Level Design
  • Finetuning and Balance
  • QA-Lead