About Me

My first experience with creating games started using level editors for games like Stronghold, Warcraft and Starcraft as well as coding simple final_9217racing games in Delphi in computer classes. After I entered several closed beta games through fan contests (like writing short stories), I started posting detailed ideas to improve the games and even going so far as suggesting new features the community asked for with using simple mechanics, receiving very positive feedback from the community and even the community managers.

After these experiences and because I already was set on working with computers early on, I decided to become a game designer, creating detailed concepts and technical description of features with simple mechanics, low costs but great impact and at the same time pushing the quality of the experience as far as possible.

Even though I consider myself a core-gamer, I strongly believe in the principle of “Easy to learn – hard to master”, meaning that games should be learnable by everyone yet offer mechanics and challenges that will test even the best players.

Since I worked on many different titles, from serious games and mmorpgs to big strategy , mobile and even a magical unicorn-game, I can proudly say, that I can get passionate about any kind of project, as long as the team is motivated.

Seeing the new genre-mixes that can be witnessed in the current online- and mobile market I am very excited for the future and I’m always up for new challenges to come and to create excellent and profitable projects, that can make everyone working on them proud and the players happy.