Mythos Online


Project Description:

Mythos is a multiplayer role-playing video game that was originally under development by Flagship Studios Seattle, a subdivision of Flagship Studios, a video game company composed largely of ex-Blizzard North employees who were lead producers of the Diablo series. Due to financial issues at Flagship Studios, Flagship Seattle was subsequently dissolved, leaving theintellectual property rights in the hands of the Korean game company HanbitSoft. HanbitSoft’s corporate partners will continue to develop Mythos for a planned release in South Korea and North America.

Mythos is similar in style to Diablo, utilizing a similar interface and perspective, extensive map and item randomization, and a high fantasy setting. Its development was led by Travis Baldree, creator of the action RPG FATE, now a co-founder of Runic Games.

Project Data:

  • Genre: Free-to-play Hack ‘n Slash – MMORPG
  • Plattform: PC

Work Included:

  • Review and Improvement and “westernization” of overall gameplay
  • Redesigning guild interface
  • Review and Improvement of Dungeon Design including monster placement and Boss design
  • Designing 3/4 of all monetization items including how they work and their limitations in cooperation with the lead designer
  • Review and Improvement of overall game balance (general Life/Damage-ratio for Player and Monster)