Skills & Software Proficiency:

Work Experience:

10/2020 – TodayGlowmade Ltd
Senior Game Designer- Progression & Monetization Design
- Designing Data/Balance/Store Workflows for Live Service
- In charge of new Features from concept to Playtesting/Bugfixing
- Overall Meta and Core Gameplay Loop Design
- Creating Concept Guidelines
- Task Management & Planning Using Jira
Company WebsiteGlowmade

04/2020 – 10/2021Rebellion Developments
Senior Game Designer- Review and polish of Core Gameplay Loop
- Economy & Campaign Balance including Data Setup/Management
- In charge of new Features from concept to Playtesting/Bugfixing
- Design and Data Setup for DLCs
Company WebsiteRebellion Developments

08/2019 – 02/2020Limbic Entertainment GmbH
Associate Game Designer- Creating Market Research, Personas and Game Design Pillars for a new Project
- Creating Aspect Visions, High & Low Designs
- Rapid Prototyping & Evaluation
- Creating Workshops for the Design-Departments
- Designing the Data-Workflow
Company WebsiteLimbic Entertainment

09/2018 – 07/2019RingZero Game Studio
Senior Game Designer- Market Research and Writing High Concepts/Pitches using MS Office
- Overhauling an existing project for pitches/conventions
Recommendation"Florian is, without a doubt, the most technical and capable
game designer I have ever worked with in my entire career.
His documentation is clean and concise, as a programmer,
it had everything I needed to understand the feature as
a whole. The details of each feature are carefully enu-
merated and things which needed special consideration
are always highlighted. As a producer, it's easy to discuss
complex features and understand Florian's reasoning
behind each element in his design documents.

I highly recommend working with Florian and will do it
in a heartbeat should the opportunity present itself
again in the future."
- Julio Sousa, Game Producer
Company WebsiteRingzero Games

05/2018 – 09/2018Virtual Realms
Senior Game Designer- Conception and System Design using Google Office
- Reconstructing System Designs and Balance from previous projects
- Designing Stat Systems and Item Progression
- Creating Moodboards for Content Design
- Quest Design and Implementation
Company WebsiteVirtual Realms

09/2016 – 04/2018Arkavis
Game & Level Designer- Conception and System Design using Google Office
- Balancing Economy and Gameplay
- Designing Combat Systems, Controls, League Systems and Progression
- Writing Backstories, Flavor Texts and filling the Wiki
- Level Design
- Market Research and Pitches
Recommendation"Florian is a very talented and committed GD.
I had the pleasure of managing him directly at arkavis,
and while times were not always easy, and the management
model was completely foreign to him, he manages to
always come through.
I believe Florian to excel at working alone, taking
ownership of game design.
He strikes a very delicate balance in speed, accuracy and simplicity.
I firmly believe these traits make him a very valuable asset. "
- Gil Teixeira , Head of Production
Company WebsiteArkavis

01/2016 – 04/2016Digitalmindsoft e.K.
Game & Level Designer- Designing and editing Maps for new game modes in modified GEM2 Engine
- Balance & Finetuning gameplay & Feature Review
- Quality Assurance for new and old content
Company WebsiteDigitalmindsoft

10/2011 – 10/2015Promotion Software GmbH
Game & Level Designer- Lead Game Design Position for several Emergency-Series-Titles
- Game Design Documentation in Project-Wiki and Design Documents
- Designing Core Features and Monetization
- Interface Design
- System Design & Balancing
- Level & Mission Design in Vision, Unity, Ogre and inhouse Engine
- Project Management in Hansoft Project Management Tool
- Finetuning & QA
Recommendation“Florian is a precise Level Designer and Fine Tuning Specialist with an eye
for the player’s needs and for a sophisticated game play experience. We
worked with him i.e. on EMERGENCY for mobile devices and he was a plus
for our design team. Together with his colleagues he worked in a determined
way to make this Game a number one App Store hit.”
Ralph Stock , CEO, Promotion Software GmbH
Company WebsitePromotion Software GmbH

10/2010 – 05/2011Frogster Online Gaming GmbH
Game Improvement Designer-Review & Analyzing features and improving them.
-Included: Monetization Design, Game Balance,
Class Balance, Westernization, Monster/Boss &
Combat Design, Quest Design, Interface Design
and overall Gameplay Experience
Recommendation“As a member of our Game Improvement department Florian has always
been helping willingly by applying his ample MMO knowledge and improved
in the Game Improvement area while also being able to cope with
constructive criticism professionally and make steady progress in the area
of Game Improvement.
Also Florian is a very punctual person who will not hesitate to work the occasional
extra hour and whose behavior towards others has always been
correct and very friendly.”
Dennis Schütte,Head of Quality Assurance & Game Improvement, Frogster Online Gaming GmbH
Company WebsiteFrogster Online Gaming GmbH

Please Note: Frogster Online Gaming GmbH was bought by Gameforge AG

Education & Other:

10/2018 - TodayTechnical Translator English to German,
Glohow Co., Ltd.
10/2009 –09/2010Games Academy GmbH
Game Design Student (Student Projects)
2008 – 2009 Usuma (Survey Interviewer)
2004 – 2008Emil-Fischer-OSZ
High School Graduation (Abitur)
Major: Literature, Nutrition Science
Minor: English, Economics
5th Component – Computer Science