Runes of Magic

Project Description:

Runes of Magic (RoM) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by the Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment and adapted for the English and German-speaking market by German company Frogster Interactive. The Frogster has also opened servers for France, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, and Australia as well as servers dedicated to the European Union. 


Runes of Magic won the German Game Developer Award for Best International PC Game of 2009. It also won nine awards in Massively’s Reader’s Choice and Staff Choice Awards in that same year, which included the Reader’s Choice Awards for:

  • Best Crafting in a 2009 MMO
  • Best PvP in a 2009 MMO
  • Best Capacity for Roleplay in a 2009 MMO
  • Best Free-to-Play MMO of 2009
  • Best Visuals/Graphics
  • Overall Best New MMO of 2009.

Frogster International won the award for Best MMO Studio of 2009 on behalf of the developer of Runes of Magic, Runewaker Entertainment. Runes of Magic also won both the Reader’s Choice Award and Staff Choice Award for the Best Launch of 2009.

In 2010, Runes of Magic was awarded for the second year in a row the German Game Developers Award for Best Online Game of 2010.

Project Data:

Work Included:

  • Analyzing and reviewing features of the game to optimize KPIs including: PvP, Tutorial, Pet-System, New Content
  • Review and rebalancing 2 classes including reviewing and redesigning over 100 abilities through a community-event in cooperation with community management
  • Review and Improvement for the expansion Chapter IV: Lands of despair including level design and monetization
  • Redesigning PvP-Interface and Battlegrounds
  • Redesigning message nanners for promotion-, server- and security messages