Police Force 2

Project Description:

Police Force 2 is a 3rd person simulation game where players can experience the daily work of a team of police officers in an open world.

The game offers the opportunity to experience law enforcement like never before! Battle on the front line of crime as you take command of the policing for a thriving German city. Emergency calls come thick and fast, dynamically generated to put your organisational skills to the test. Perform uniform patrols to keep the city safe, in a huge open world, complete with night and day scenarios and changing weather.

– Large City with 6 different districts
– 75 Different Eventtypes from simple thef to capital crimes and over 800 individual events
– Your police team is fully equipped with the latest in modern equipment, including handcuffs, high speed response vehicles, radios and firearms

Project Data

Work Included:

  • Level Design
  • Editing and Finetuning over 75 types of emergencies in 6 different districts adding up to over 800 individual events
  • Balance & Finetuning
  • Project Management
  • QA-Lead